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Holistic Health Coaching Testimonials:

"When I started coaching with Alyssa, I had issues with food, motivation, and anxiety. I was not consistent in my efforts to eat healthily and care for my body. I was either 100% on or off the wagon with no balance. I felt powerless and out of control. Alyssa has helped me to free my self from over restriction and achieve true balance, especially with food. I don’t obsess over food and cravings the way I used to. Not do I have unrealistic expectations for myself. 


Alyssa provides motivation and accountability which helps so much when you are starting a health/fitness journey. She has helped me to build healthy habits that now feed into a loop of motivation. I no longer judge myself for taking a day off from working out or eating a treat, I celebrate it as a way to nourish my body and soul. 


Alyssa is super positive and has helped me gain perspective on SO many things including, my relationships and issues at work. She has helped me to become more confident in expressing myself. She has helped me to realize that self-care is vital to all that we do. Most importantly she has guided me towards loving and fully accepting my body the way it is in this moment."


I cannot say enough good things about Alyssa. She has truly taught me so much and it is such a privilege to work with her. - CK


“I came to Alyssa needing a mentor. Someone to help me to become the absolute best version of myself. Whatever I needed or whatever was going on in my life at that time we would work through. She has helped me push past self doubt and insecurities and has guided me to envision what I want for my life and then to make it happen. I couldn’t recommend her enough as a coach” - AS

"I worked with Alyssa for several months. I initially went to her because I had already been seeing functional medicine doctors and doing other things to help me on my health journey but I still felt like there was something missing. With Alyssa’s help I learned a lot of excellent techniques that really help me with my stress management which helped to improve my energy and my mood throughout the day. Alyssa was really awesome to work with, very caring and understanding and has lots of great ideas.  I really appreciated how accessible she made herself and would frequently send me text messages or emails with links or more information to follow up on things that we had talked about during our last visit. She is a genuinely caring person She was always very upbeat and motivational. I really enjoyed working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody or to work with her again in the future should I need any more guidance on my holistic health journey." -KB


Private Yoga &

Resistance Training Testimonials:

"Private yoga with Alyssa has helped me become more confident in my personal practice and love my body more than ever. She has helped me to get rid of limiting beliefs and love and appreciate all that my body can do. I also do bands/strength training workouts with Alyssa. Every workout is more challenging than the last and the time absolutely flies by. She is so encouraging and fun but pushes me to my limit every time. I used to think she overestimated my strength and stamina but now I know that she sees my potential and knows I have more to give! Although she encourages me to push myself in every workout, she equally teaches the importance of honoring your self and how you are feeling in each moment." - Carissa


"Alyssa is extremely knowledgeable! She knows the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle in both mind and body! She quickly catches any changes needed in your form to help maximize your training. Sheis  great listener and knows exactly what goals are looking to achieve and In turn plans the perfect workout specifically to your needs. Changing that up ever 4 weeks to keep your body engaged! 


As a runner, lengthening and strengthening muscle has been a game changer. 
Even cleaning the house playing in the yard with my child a strong body is always better for everyday movement and pain-free! 


Once I started with band training I was able to safely and effectively strengthen, and stretch my muscle, giving not only faster pace running, it also added strength, power, and control on the tennis court!  mindset, you can easily underestimate the power of strength training, you get in cardio player

" - Michaela 


"I had started working with Alyssa doing personal yoga to help with my work-out routine.  These sessions were fun and challenging.  Alyssa encouraged me to push myself and challenge my body while providing a comfortable, welcoming and supportive environment.  These sessions were the perfect amount of workout and relaxation.  Alyssa caters to her clients needs while challenging them to move out of their comfort zone.  In addition to this, Alyssa helped me to work on my self-esteem and my self-care routine. Alyssa allowed me to realize the importance of being kind to your body and mind.  She also helped me to feel empowered.  I would recommend Alyssa to everyone. She exhibits expertise, kindness, compassion and empathy. " - HD

Yoga Classes Testimonials:  ​

"Alyssa has been guiding me thru my weekly yoga practices for almost a year now. Her positive energy is contagious and her strength and beautiful practice are inspiring. I attend both Alyssa’s Hot Vinyasa Flow and her Yoga Tone classes and in both classes I know I will get a mindful experience on my mat as well as a great work out. She has a great way of motivating you to push yourself to your limit and to take it one step (or breath) further than you thought you could.

Anyone who practices Yoga, know the importance of energy, whether it be the energy you bring to your mat, or the energy present in the class. Alyssa personality and positivity always mat of energy, whether it be the energy you bring to your importanceAnyone who practices Yoga, know the brings great energy to every class!

" - Kristin 


"I met Alyssa a few years ago when I attended her yoga classes at a local studio. I was new to yoga and had only been to a few classes before. I always thought it was just "all right" until I stepped into one of Alyssa’s classes. It was the perfect mix of relaxation and a tough workout, always challenging my body and quieting my mind. I was in love with her style of yoga and mindfulness practices. Her random jokes and tree pose dancing kept it light and fun at the same time. " - CK 

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