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The Gluten Free Guilt Trip

“I’m sorry…” how I start most conversations with waiters lately. “I’m sorry … do you have a gluten free menu?” Why am I so sorry, you ask? Well it is simple really. I know all too well the stigma placed upon anyone eating gluten free. “It’s a trend.” It’s not a real allergy.” “People think it will help them loose weight.” So… I am sorry, always, prefacing a request that will save my digestive agony, with an apology. The criticism from individuals who have no experience with the discomfort and sickness that comes from gluten is truly absurd. Especially because if given the choice I would ABSOLUTELY prefer not to eat gluten free. (All I ask for is ONE MORE real donut!) At times its is simple, but at times it is really tough.

“Are you doing this for an allergy or for fashion?” One snarky host asked after I inquired about the gluten free menu. “Oh yes- fashion this regular menu doesn’t go with my outfit at all!” (Nor does severely bloated intestines that cause discomfort and pain. TREND ALERT!) It really would not bother or concern me at all if it did not mean that sometimes people will think your full of it, serve you something insisting it is “gluten free” (which is not) and then we find out the hard way dealing with their poor judgments for the rest of the week. Now I am not trying to rant and rave angrily because I can appreciate the misunderstanding. It is unlike most food allergies where immediate, severe symptoms are a cause of eating said food. I even struggled with really giving it up until I considered the value of daily well-being and long term wellness. If I am constantly fueling my body with something that causes any type of negative reaction what is really happening there? What are the long-term results? Sure I can deal in the moment, but years from now something worse could manifest because of ignoring what my body was telling me.

More importantly let us all try not to place judgments on the choices of others that do not effect us. I SAYLET ALL OF HUMANITY ORDER FOOD AND EAT JUDGEMENT FREE. FOR FAD OR FOR ALLERGY. FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD & VARIETY.

Dessert BEFORE Dinner

Red Wine with Seafood

Vegetarian or Vegan

Gluten Free!

Dessert again!

WHATEVER it is…. Do you foodies! Do YOU.

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