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About Alyssa:


Holistic Health Coaching Services:

            Alyssa, through her studies at the largest nutrition school in the world, brings a holistic wellness approach to her work with clients who want to take charge of their health and happiness.  Alyssa works to understand her client’s goals and concerns. This wellness approach is not based on counting calories, or restricting your plate, but rather finding the right balance to live a fulfilled and healthy life.  The approach will focus on the clients' lifestyle as a whole, bringing the awareness inward through developing mindfulness practices and awareness. This program will enable you to understand what food and lifestyle choices allow for your OPTIMAL life and create lasting changes.  




Alyssa strives to create an authentic Yoga environment.  Positivity and ability to make the yoga practice “light and fun” best represents who Alyssa is as a teacher.   Alyssa holds true to those qualities in all aspects of life.  Yoga, and its portrayal of some postures, can be intimidating.  Alyssa creates a Yoga experience where the student is able to let go of life’s pressures and find enjoyment within the practice.  She creates a time where the student can learn about and develop their personal practice and have a good time (while breaking a sweat!). Overall Alyssa’s goal is to contribute positivity to the day of the student and have them feeling accomplished, relaxed and centered.

, Alyssa finds most enjoyment leading Vinyasa flow which improves both cardio health and strength.  Vinyasa flow practitioners leave feeling balanced and powerful! She has continued to develop her talents and focus as a teacher with many Yoga classes, workshops trainingAlyssa is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  After the completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher and further studies.




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